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Rude Boss 2

Rude Boss 2

I wanted to keep Quintessa close to me because she’s special. She’s a girl from my past that grew up into an amazing, beautiful brilliant woman. I want to make her mine, but she doesn’t trust me fully because she doesn’t know who I am.

Therefore, the time has come to reveal my true identity before she finds out on her own, but things don’t always go as planned, does it? I know that firsthand. If life went by a plan, Quintessa would’ve been mine years ago. We would’ve been together. We would’ve been living our happily ever after.

But we’re not. We’re lagging behind. Playing catchup. Reminiscing…

I can’t risk losing her again after putting forth all this effort to ensure we found each other again. But who’s to say that won’t happen anyway, especially when I struggle with my own identity. When I fear that the person I’ve become is not a man she could love.

This is the conclusion to the DePaul & Company Series!