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Major (A St. Claire Novel Autographed)

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Major (A St. Claire Novel Autographed)

Major St. Claire had his eyes set on Selah Winston almost immediately. Since meeting her at his brother’s wedding, he felt the sparks that jumpstarted his dormant heart. The connection was instant and undeniable. Whenever he’s near Selah, he feels a sense of home and security. He knows Selah is feeling him too, but she denies their connection and insists she has nothing to offer him but friendship. She’s busy rebuilding her life after struggling with drugs, depression and family issues. She has no time for anything or anyone else.

Or so she thinks. She doesn’t know how persistent St. Claire men can be, apparently…
Major ‘somewhat’ concedes to her request. He’ll give her friendship (for now), a little bit of space (for now) but it doesn’t thwart his original goal to make her his woman. Everyone has family issues. He knows that all too well. From his perspective, the best way to handle them is to work as a team to help each other overcome their problems. In helping her, he may have found the remedy to his own complications and a new beginning he never saw coming.