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Monty (A St. Claire Novel) Autographed

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Monty (A St. Claire Novel) Autographed

There are three things I know for certain about Montgomery St. Claire.

One, he’s FINE.

Two, he’s FILTHY (in terms of being rich).

Three, he’s a FREAKIN’ mean, arrogant prick with a lot of dough who knows he can do anything he wants. Have anything he wants. Be anything he wants.

We’re from different worlds. I’m modest and content. He’s rich and extraordinary. He’s a man who has it all, but if I’ve read him right, I see conflict in his green eyes. I recognize it so well because I have skeletons of my own. My life is complex and messy. So is his.

It’s our complexities that ultimately bonds us. He has something for me I didn’t think I was worthy of. I have something for him he thought he’d never want. Together, we have the power to heal each other. To live. To love. We have FREEDOM.

Apart, we’re broken. When our souls are in sync, we’re FIRE.